Why are there no cheaper shipping options?

-We strive to provide a simple and straight forward approach to F&B singles, and that means that every order placed with us comes with a tracking number.

What days do you ship out orders? 

-We ship out orders Monday through Saturday, barring any holidays, or unforeseen circumstances. 

How long have you been in business?

-We celebrated our one year anniversary back in October 2021!

Are you a Brick and Mortar store?

-Yes! We are located at 1135 W National Ave, Addison IL 60101. We host multiple F&B events every week.

Can I pick up my order?

-Yes! Just mark Pick-up as your shipping option at checkout.

Can I pre-order or purchase sealed products?

-Yes! Check out our main website:

What if I trade in fake cards, knowingly or unknowingly? 

-If cards are submitted through our buy-list, they are assumed to be authentic. Cards that are found to be fake, or altered will not qualify for any compensation and they will not be returned. An explanation of the situation will be provided.

 Who pays taxes, import fees, or destination pick-up fees?

-US taxes will be added to your order in accordance with the national tax code. International orders will not have import taxes or local fees attached. The purchaser is responsible for all legal fees established by the destination country.


Return Policy:

You may begin the return process of an order within 3 business days of your order being delivered. In the event that your order arrives damaged, or not in the condition requested, we will provide a return label. If you request a return for a different reason, you may provide your own label, or we can provide you a label and subtract the cost from the return.


Cancelled orders will be subject to a 5% cancellation fee. We are still charged processing fees regardless of the order status.

Due to the volatility of trading cards, we cannot price match, or accept returns outside of the three business day window. Charge backs, or any attempt to return or request a refund outside of the channels outlined above may result in  a surcharge to cover the costs of such attempts.

Reseller Policy:

MinMaxGames's goal is to support the gaming community and its players. We reserve the right to cancel or refund orders, and ban accounts that attempt to purchase or buy out products with the sole purpose of reselling them. This policy is aimed at companies and entities, not players.


Banned and Restricted announcements:

If a card becomes banned or restricted within 7 business days of delivery, you may return those cards for a full refund.