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In the depths of the Savage Lands, a lone brute has carved out his territory in blood and bone. Abandoned to the mercy of the jungle as a cub, he fought to survive, fending off vicious beasts and scavengers. Yet this struggle has forged an alpha predator, relentless and unflinching, tearing through anything that gets in his way.

Reckless, savage, and uncontrollable, Rhinar is driven by his bloodlust and base instincts. When he fights, he enters a bloody frenzy. Everything around him becomes a threat, the ground turning slick with blood as he blindly butchers everything in his path.

Each Commoner deck was expertly crafted by a tournament professional and provides a balanced introduction to the Commoner format.

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Commoner Rhinar

Class: Brute
Hero: Rhinar
Weapons: Romping Club
Equipment: Barkbone Strapping, Goliath Gauntlet, Heartened Cross Strap, Hope Merchant's Hood, Ironrot Legs, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Hood, Talismanic Lens, Time Skippers

(2) Bare Fangs (red)
(2) Fate Foreseen (red)
(2) Pack Hunt (red)
(2) Predatory Assault (red)
(2) Pummel (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Smash Instinct (red)
(2) Wild Ride (red)
(2) Primeval Bellow (yellow)
(2) Pummel (yellow)
(2) Raging Onslaught (yellow)
(2) Riled Up (yellow)
(2) Savage Swing (yellow)
(2) Smash Instinct (yellow)
(2) Wrecker Romp (yellow)
(2) Awakening Bellow (blue)
(2) Primeval Bellow (blue)
(2) Pummel (blue)
(2) Swing Fist, Think Later (blue)
(2) Wrecker Romp (blue)

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