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The Library of Illuminations innermost sanctum contains a strange secret. Once, a Magister came across a young child, small and silent, her hair almost glowing in the lamplight, an orb shining softly in the palm of her hand. This unfamiliar child was unable to remember anything of her past, or her origins. Her only possession was the glowing sphere, which contained a single, pristine drop of rare arclight; a gift which would quickly reveal her talent for the Light.

Quick, curious and incredibly intelligent, Prism adapted to her new life with ease. She read as much as she could about Solana and the world beyond its walls, sailing through the vast ocean of knowledge within the grand library, with the Magister as her guide. Prism soon discovered the legends of the Heralds, Sol’s golden emissaries, who watched over the people of Solana. Before long, her aether affinity and inquisitive nature led her to the Light of Sol, where she took up the mantle of an illusionist.

In developing her skills, Prism’s talents were made clear for all to see. After years of careful study, she came to intimately understand the Heralds, lending more and more detail to her knowledge of these legendary beings. After capturing their very essence, Prism learned to give shape to their forms, conjuring their likenesses for the first time in living memory.

As shadows begin to darken the horizon, and the bells of war toll across the city, Prism invokes Solana’s legendary beings, sending her creations to guard her beloved ones and smite her foes.

Each Commoner deck was expertly crafted by a tournament professional and provides a balanced introduction to the Commoner format.

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Commoner Prism

Class: Illusionist
Hero: Prism
Weapons: Iris of Reality
Equipment: Dream Weavers, Halo of Illumination, Heartened Cross Strap, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Hood, Nullrune Robe, Time Skippers

(2) Enigma Chimera (red)
(2) Herald of Protection (red)
(2) Herald of Ravages (red)
(2) Herald of Rebirth (red)
(2) Herald of Tenacity (red)
(2) Phantasmal Haze (red)
(2) Pummel (red)
(2) Spears of Surreality (red)
(2) Wartune Herald (red)
(2) Blinding Beam (yellow)
(2) Enigma Chimera (yellow)
(2) Herald of Protection (yellow)
(2) Herald of Tenacity (yellow)
(2) Phantasmal Haze (yellow)
(2) Pummel (yellow)
(2) Spears of Surreality (yellow)
(2) Blinding Beam (blue)
(2) Enigma Chimera (blue)
(2) Herald of Tenacity (blue)
(2) Phantasmal Haze (blue)

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