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Boltyn was born into the nobility of the Northern Realms, growing up immersed in his grandmother’s tales of a golden kingdom, a city which brought light and knowledge to all. When he had at last taken his father’s place as lord, a party of knights passed through his lands. They brought news of the golden city he’d heard so much about, and their words of light brought such joy and inspiration to him that he immediately embarked on a pilgrimage to Solana, leaving his lands and titles behind in the hope of starting a new life.

Embraced by the Hand of Sol, Boltyn spent many years training and honing his skills, travelling with his fellow knights, and spreading knowledge of the Light. Amidst their ranks he met a cleric named Eirina, whose kindness and grace enchanted him from their very first meeting. Promoted to the role of Inquisitor, Boltyn dedicated himself to Eirina, their son Aios, and the people of their beloved city, as he sought to uphold the principles and teaching of the Light. However, he was unprepared for the shadows which spread across the land; a dark magic assaulted the city, and upon his return from a mission in the golden fields, Boltyn was confronted with the news that Eirina had perished in the attack.

Struggling in the depths of his grief, Boltyn found solace in the legends of Bellona, one of Sol’s radiant Heralds, who brought him a renewed sense of purpose. He swore to protect not only his own son, but all of Solana, from the Shadows which were creeping across all of Rathe.

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Commoner Boltyn

Class: Warrior
Hero: Boltyn
Weapons: Hatchet of Body, Hatchet of Mind
Equipment: Gallantry Gold, Ironrot Helm, Refraction Bolters, Snapdragon Scalers, Vest of the First Fist

(2) Bolt of Courage (red)
(2) Brandish (red)
(2) Courageous Steelhand (red)
(2) Engulfing Light (red)
(2) Illuminate (red)
(2) Nature's Path Pilgrimage (red)
(2) Outland Skirmish (red)
(2) Push Forward (red)
(2) Scar for a Scar (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Take Flight (red)
(2) Bolt of Courage (yellow)
(2) Courageous Steelhand (yellow)
(2) Engulfing Light (yellow)
(2) Nature's Path Pilgrimage (yellow)
(2) Take Flight (yellow)
(2) Bolt of Courage (blue)
(2) Brandish (blue)
(2) Engulfing Light (blue)
(2) Take Flight (blue)

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