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Azalea is an obsessive, self-serving contract killer from the depths of the Pits. Working out of the Blackjack Tavern, she carefully selects each contract, going to great lengths to coordinate a flawless execution. Azalea has carved out a reputation for herself as one of the best contract killers, determined to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Life on the streets has made Azalea cynical and restless. In the Pits, anarchy reigns supreme, and a single mistake can mean the difference between life and death. Even though she has come a long way, Azalea has yet to realize that she is just one small cog in the giant, decrepit machine of the Pits...

Each Commoner deck was expertly crafted by a tournament professional and provides a balanced introduction to the Commoner format.

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Commoner Azalea

Class: Ranger
Hero: Azalea
Weapons: Death Dealer
Equipment: Bull's Eye Bracers, Honing Hood, Ironrot Chest, Ironrot Legs, Nullrune Hood, Nullrune Robe, Snapdragon Scalers, Talismanic Lens

(2) Come to Fight (red)
(2) Fate Foreseen (red)
(2) Fatigue Shot (red)
(2) Hamstring Shot (red)
(2) Head Shot (red)
(2) Nimblism (red)
(2) Over Flex (red)
(2) Ravenous Rabble (red)
(2) Read the Glide Path (red)
(2) Ridge Rider Shot (red)
(2) Searing Shot (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Sleep Dart (red)
(2) Fatigue Shot (yellow)
(2) Hamstring Shot (yellow)
(2) Memorial Ground (yellow)
(2) Over Flex (yellow)
(2) Ravenous Rabble (yellow)
(2) Read the Glide Path (yellow)
(2) Read the Glide Path (blue)



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