Round the Table breakdown with MinMaxGames

Welcome to Round the Table! Flesh and Blood's newest product which is geared toward one of the fastest-growing formats, Ultimate-Pit-Fight. This beautiful box set contains four ready-to-play Blitz decks and a full-size playmat featuring key art from the Bright Lights expansion.

The box itself is the size of a 1,000-count card storage box, making it an excellent candidate for your bulk or as a playmat holder (It holds two). The box is sturdy, and the art is crisp. As the owner of several other LSS boxes like the Rudy Crucible of War box, it looks great as an addition to the collection. Inside the box is the rolled-up Metrix playmat, focusing on Park Zinnia, which features a metal elephant, two giraffes (Steam power Giraffe anyone?), and a horse. The playmat is on par if not higher quality than Armory mats. They did not skimp out on these playmats! As an introductory product for thousands of new players, I cannot stress enough how important the quality is on this product and LSS delivered.


The four decks included were printed in the standard Blitz deck model. They have a pull-tab wrapper to ensure the decks' integrity. When we opened the decks the cards inside were clean with no signs of wear from transportation. The Rainbow Foils look great, and the Cold Foils pop. Brevant, Melody, and the Professor come in Rainbow Foil, and their weapons in Cold Foil. Ira comes in Rainbow Foil, but her weapon Edge of Autumn comes in Rainbow Foil.

Our favorite deck has to be Brevant, Civic Protector. Protecting the table from Teklo Blaster shots, while building up Might tokens for a massive Havenhold swing sounds like a great time! Closing out the game for Brevant is rather difficult and will require you to hold onto your Earthlore Empowerments for the final push.


The number of new cards added to the game in this box set is quite impressive, as are the reprints. Coax a Commotion, Sigil of Solace, and Cranial Crush all make appearances with two copies of each. I’m sure every Guardian player is excited to get their hands on Civic Steps, and the Professor might even see play In competitive Blitz games! An interesting note, all heroes with the exception of Ira were printed at Majestic rarity, preventing them from being played in the Commoner format. Overall, for its price point you get your money's worth. I think lessons were learned from the Classic Battles box set, and Round the Table hit it out of the park. If our pre-order numbers mean anything, the player base would agree!