Pro Team Battle Royale 2024

We would like to present to the Flesh and Blood Community the Pro Team Battle Royale. The best professional players from all over the world will come together to decide which team is the greatest once and for all (or at least for 2024). The stakes couldn’t be higher (or lower), and the winning team not only takes home the 2024 FAB CHAMPION trophy but also becomes the undisputed greatest Flesh and Blood team. Not even Roger Bodee is allowed to disagree.  


Full transparency... we talk a lot of crap online, and we thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some of the best Flesh and Blood players to come together, play some games, have some fun, and put their egos aside in support of the greater good (their team). MinMaxGames has secured a venue for this event, and registration is free. Since this is rather last-minute, and most of our travel plans have been decided long ago, the total makeup of the event will be determined by player availability. If you are the team leader or representative of one of the teams below, please reach out to with possible attendance, or regrets if unable to attend, we would love to keep in contact for potential future events. This is an invite-only tournament, but we hope to welcome additional team members and LSS staff to the event.

We look forward to great competition amongst the competitive teams.

Pro Team Battle Royale

Venue: Moxy Hotel Downtown Los Angeles (Next to the Convention Center) Private Lounge

When: Wednesday, March 20th, 4:00 PM-10:00 PM (Approximate)

Format: Classic Constructed (16 players) (Approximate)

Four Rounds, Single-Elimination


Each player will receive (1) Heavy Hitters Booster Box

The last undefeated player will take home the trophy for their respective team.

Team invitation list:

  • Team Ascent
  • The Wolf Pack
  • The Card Guyz
  • Runaways
  • Blue Pitch
  • PCG Pass
  • The Sunflower Samurai
  • Team Poland

If you feel your team did not make the list, please contact We cannot promise that other teams will be added, but they may be used for future consideration.